-- Protect all the threatened elements of rangeland ecosystems, including endangered species, soil, water, ranchers, agency managers, and the rangelands themselves.

-- Continually improve understanding and professional capacity to sustain grassland and savanna biodiversity and the livestock operations that support these ecosystems.


Use our unique combination of expertise in conservation science and rangeland management, especially in California's Mediterranean grasslands, to help clients succeed in their missions and cooperate with one another. We explore together to find solutions that meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.



1. Comprehensive Rangeland Assessment and Management Planning

2. Rangeland Monitoring and Grazing Lease/Easement Supervision

3. Short-term Technical Reviews, Updates, Advising, and Customized Training (click here for Supplementary Services)

4. Expert Consultations and Testimony for Legal Cases Involving Livestock, Grazing Infrastructure, and Rangeland Condition (click here for Summary of Cases)


We excel at listening to our clients’ needs, then leading teams of specialists and practitioners (as needed), using the best available scientific scholarship, to assess circumstances and assist in planning, implementation, supervision, monitoring, and adapting to future changes.

Please request our Statement of Qualifications.

**We’ve recently recognized that many of our clients need efficient, short-term, technical assistance. Click here for our Supplementary Services.

Photos by L. Ford--(left) typical effects of well-managed spring grazing by cattle on wildflowers and butterfly habitat, grazing on the right, excluded on the left (Santa Clara County, Calif.); (middle) an ideal stock pond for California red-legged frog habitat, partly fenced with grazing by cattle on the left, excluded on the right (Contra Costa County, Calif.); and (right) an ideal stock pond for California tiger salamander habitat, no exclusion of cattle grazing (Alameda County, Calif.).


Contact information:

Lawrence "Larry" D. Ford, Ph.D.
Principal and Senior Rangeland Conservation Scientist

5984 Plateau Drive, Felton, CA 95018-9253
Phone/Fax: 831.335.3959
Email: fordld "at"

Pete Van Hoorn, M.S.
Rangeland Ecologist and Project Manager

Phone: 510.710.4107
Email: petevanhoorn "at"


Technical Presentations by L. Ford and P. Van Hoorn: To view or download formal conference presentations by Dr. Ford or Mr. Van Hoorn about rangeland management and conservation, focusing on California annual grasslands and their special resources, go to "Presentations."


**NEWS--about Rangeland Management and Conservation... February 13, 2017:

1. Rustici Rangeland Science Symposium in Davis, CA, March 23-24, 2017

University of California scientists will host the 4th Rustici Rangeland Science Symposium in Davis, CA on March 23-24, 2017. The goal of this event is to engage ranchers, land managers, researchers, and policymakers in co-developing actionable science, policy, and management to sustain rangelands. The symposium will focus on partnerships surrounding a variety of topics, including: sustaining water resources; coping with drought; habitat conservation; and enhancing ranch profitability. For more information and to register, click here.

2. Central Coast Rangeland Coalition Spring Meeting, April 20, 2017

The Central Coast Rangeland Coalition (CCRC) will hold its spring meeting April 20, 2017. Save the date. Venue, agenda, and registration will be announced soon. The meeting will focus on the current topic of the CCRC’s Rancher, Manager, and Scientist Forum on Rangeland Conservation--targeted grazing and rotation/deferral grazing strategies for conservation objectives.

3. LD Ford Rangeland Conservation Science Expanding Services

We are expanding our consulting services in California. Many of our clients have asked for ongoing technical assistance with supervision of grazing leases to achieve conservation objectives, updates of existing planning documents, and customized training, in addition to planning projects. Advantages include efficient and timely services by licensed experts in rangeland ecology and management and better fit within budgetary and staffing constraints. Click here for our Supplementary Services memo.